Sunday, February 5, 2012

Early Christmas Gifts

Over a month later and I'm finally posting about Christmas. I guess it's better late than never. This year Adam and Andrew both got presents  a little early. We gave Adam a game camera to put out in the woods to help him track deer. Since hunting season ended on Dec 31 we gave it to him early so he could use it for more than just a day or two. The kids helped him open is present.

Andrew likes to go out hunting with his Dad so we got him a new heavy camo coat. It was pretty cold the week before Christmas so we decided to give him the coat early in order for him to wear it out that day. I didn't have anything wrapped yet so we just had him close his eyes and then held it in front of him.

Do you think he likes it?

The weekend before Christmas Andrew and Ava exchanged gifts with our neighbors Lucas and Matt. Ava got a little something extra from Jeremy (their dad) earlier in the week. Anytime we are at their house Ava goes right for Jeremy's stash of snacks so he got Ava her own stash to keep over there. Nothing like a big barrel of pretzles to make a girl happy.

 This is their normal position when eating :-)

 Lots of new pajamas!!

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