Wednesday, February 24, 2010

6 months old and Ava's bedroom

Yesterday Ava turned 6 months old. Where has all the time gone?!?! Seems like just the other day she was this tiny little baby. Her personality is really starting to show these days. So far she seems to be a fairly laid back kid, which I am so excited about. She is so sweet and will smile at anyone if they give her attention. Ava finally decided it was time to roll from her back to her tummy. She's been doing tummy to back for a while now but never would put forth the effort to roll back over again. She is slowly making progress at sitting on her own. She can do it for a second or two before toppling over. I'm sure it won't be long now and she'll have it mastered. We went to the Dr yesterday and she weighs 16lbs 10oz and is 27 1/4 in long. She has just about outgrown her baby carrier car seat, but we are going to continue to use it until after we move to Kansas (if possible). Here are a few pictures I took in honor of her 6 month birthday. Can't believe my girl is getting so big!

eating her first baby rice cracker....she liked it (in case you can't tell)

look at all the drool on that shirt!

sweet smile

I love those eyes

Ava's bedroom has been finished for a while but we recently had to put down new floors so I decided I should take pictures before we move and I have no proof of what her room looked like. Adam did such a good job on the flooring. I hate that we are going to have to leave this house now that it is finally becoming our own.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Well there still isn't a whole lot going on around here. We are still waiting for an offer on the house and we are planning on leaving March 15. Sooo....if anyone wants to buy a house in northern NY please let me know :-) Everyone is doing just fine. Adam has been home a lot here lately since most of the unit is on leave so that's been nice. Below are just some random pictures from the last month or so. Enjoy!
Ava was NOT loving carrots this night, but she has since decided she likes them.

Andrew likes to read books at night before bed and this is how he fell asleep

just hanging out on the bed

she finally figured out how to sit up in her chair

LLook at me!!

such a big girl

playing with her baby doll

snowball fight!!

I love this shot

look out Andrew

Daddy's at it again!