Saturday, February 18, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!!

 Ava got her first set of Color Wonder paper and markers

 Nothing says love and Happy Valentines like a laser tag gun :-)

Snow Day!!

On Feb 13 we finally got our first taste of winter with some snow. The kids were so excited to go and play in it after school. Ava didn't like the cold and snow much last year but this year she LOVED it. We were all outside for over 2hrs. It's just a shame Adam couldn't be here to play with us.

Just so no one thinks bad of me...Yes I did have gloves on Ava and she would absolutely not keep them on for any reason. I was amazed that the snow and cold didn't seem to bother her little fingers.

Collecting snow to make a fort

Ava was using the snowball maker as a spoon

 Running to the trees in the backyard

 That's one heck of a snowball collection

 I was trying to sneak up and hit Andrew with a snowball

 I failed

It's All About Kansas

A few weeks ago Andrew's school had their 2nd grade musical. Since Kansas Day was that week the theme of their musical was everything about Kansas. They went through the ABC's of what is great about the state to include famous people who are from here. It was really a very cute little program and I wish I had recorded it.

 Ava checking out the program waiting for the program to start

Andrew is in the black t-shirt with the purple wildcat on it and a black baseball cap. They were supposed to dress like someone from Kansas so Andrew went as a K-State fan

Speaking his line for the letter D: Dwight D Eisenhower, a general and our 34th President lived in Kansas.

Andrew with his friend Aaron. These boys were on the same t-ball team the summer we moved to Ft Riley.
 Andrew and Marcia
She is his favorite girl friend. Please note that I did not type girlfriend. He is VERY specific about
A group of kids after the program. I'm not sure who they all are I just know they gathered together and asked for a picture.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Christmas 2011

This year for Christmas we had originally planned on going home to AR to spend it with family; however like usual the Army had other plans. Adam ended up having to stick around post for various reasons so we ended up having Christmas at our house. Luckily my parents were able to make a quick trip up for the weekend to spend Christmas with us. Overall I would say the holiday was a success and everyone liked all of their gifts. The kids were incredibly spoiled by family :-)

Christmas Eve

Sweet kids

Andrew wanted to try out his Dr Dreadful bubbling brain on Christmas Eve. It has several different packets of candy mix. There is a mix to make gummy bugs (the molds are found on the forehead and in one eye), a mix to make vomit and a mix to make bubbling brains. As you can see he opted for the brains that night.

Apparently it was really good :-)

Ava and Pawpaw watching Andrew's experiment

Pawpaw and Adam putting together Ava's little nursery

Christmas morning

Andrew was not exactly happy about the dinosaur loofa he found in his stocking

Helping Pawpaw open his big present from Nana

Ava loves her new tent!

You can never go wrong with the gift of money

One of 2 new stock pots I got for Christmas. I didn't have a picture of my favorite gift though. Adam got me a Keurig and I LOVE IT!!!!

Pretty pretty princess

Andrew loves his new scooter and has started riding it to school. He can go really really fast on it. If you don't believe me just ask him :-)