Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Home Owners

Ok so on February 15 Adam and I officially became home owners. This has got to be one of the scariest things we have ever done. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love this house and I can't wait until we have it fixed exactly the way we want it. It's the money part that keeps me up worrying. I have always stressed over money and I know that once we make it through the first month of bills that I will be ok. Knowing that we will be fine isn't enough. I need to be able to prove it to myself. This whole process is still a little surreal. I thought we would be living somewhere else by now. We had both hoped after the last deployment that Adam would have been given the chance to move to another post. As usual though the Army had other ideas and now we've decided to make the best of it up here in NY. I really do love the area so it's not a problem making this our permanent home for a few more years. Actually where we are is a lot like Arkansas just colder with lots more snow. There are so many things that I want to do with this house. I just wish I could snap my fingers and have it all done right now. We are wanting to paint, re-do the kitchen, finish the attic and make it into the master bedroom not to mention everything to do outside. I have such big ideas for this place that I have to keep reminding myself to be patient. Well I suppose that is enough for my first post here. I'll do my best to keep this thing updated.