Friday, June 20, 2008

Last week of school

Well I can definitely say this has been a busy week. Not only are we starting to get ready to go on leave down to AR but it was also Andrew's last week of pre-school. I don't think he understands that he won't be going to school any more which should make things interesting when we drive by his school. Right now every time he sees the school he informs me that he needs to go there right now to see all of his "children". With any luck this summer will fly by and it will be time to go back only instead of going 2 days a week like he did this year next year he'll go 3 days a week. This makes momma very happy :)
So back to the events of this week. Tuesday Andrew's class had a field trip to a local farm. One of the little girls in his class lives on a farm so they had all of the kids out to look at the animals. I have to say even I had fun (despite the fact that Andrew was in a terrible mood that day). It was great watching all of the kids interact with the different animals and then listening to their versions of it all.

wearing his cowboy hat and bandanna shortly after we arrived

checking out the Alpaca

holding a baby bunny in his hat

riding on Sissy the horse with his teacher Mrs LaPierre & Mrs Ruby (it was her farm)

riding on Sophia Loren the donkey

Thursday was the official last day of school. The Pre-school class had a little program for all of the parents and then a small party in the classroom after. Those kids are so stinkin cute when they get up in front of everyone to sing songs. Adam was lucky enough to have that day off from work so he was able to attend. This was the first school thing he has been able to go to. Let me tell you that Andrew was rather excited about him being there. Andrew ran down from the "stage" 4 or 5 times to talk to his daddy or just to give him a hug and tell Adam how happy he was that he was there. It was very sweet.

singing 5 Green and Speckled Frogs

receiving his certificate from Mrs. LaPierre

drinking some chocolate milk at the party

the entire class having their last snack together

It's hard to believe that the school year is over and that summer is here. Time has flown by since we moved into our house. There are still times that I wonder if we made the right decision by buying a house up here, but at the end of the day I know deep down that this was the right thing for us. Andrew is able to attend an amazing school that is close enough for us to walk to. I loved walking with him to and from school because we were able to talk about his day and enjoy the nice weather. I probably won't have another post until after our trip to AR next week, but rest assured when we get back I will probably have TONS of pictures to post. It's been almost a year now since we've seen family so it should be a great trip.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Slipping & Sliding (more like Running & Falling)

So one of the gifts Andrew got for his birthday was a Diego Slip n' Slide and last weekend we decided to set it up and let him play. This was officially the first time I think Andrew has ever seen a slip n slide much less played on one so needless to say he was a little hesitant. It was pretty cute watching him inspect things and how it works. The water was really cold (for some reason our tap water feels like it's been iced down) so it took a little while for him to actually get his entire body in the water. Adam tried showing him how you're supposed to run & slide, but he still had no interest in doing it the "correct way". I actually have a picture of Adam sliding down it, but for his sake I won't post it. Let's just say it was one of the funniest moments that weekend. Andrew finally decided that running down the slide through the sprinklers and then falling on his bottom was the way to go. He must have done this for hours and only accidentally fell twice. It should be a fun summer to spend outdoors with everything we have to do now. With any luck it will make the time fly by until Adam comes home in September.

testing the water

drinking from the sprinkler

running super fast

fall # 1

fall # 2

this was his "bath tub"


This is an update on what I said in my last post about Adam's upcoming deployment. As always things have changed. His until has been put back on the deployment roster and is slotted to leave sometime between November and January. We don't know exactly when or even where yet, but as soon as I know something you can be sure that I will post it.